Kurdish community wished peace and solidarity

Kurdish community wished peace and solidarity


On the occasion of New Year’s Day of Kurdish people-Novruz, Deputy
Mayor Vano Vardanyan Yerevan’s Mayor Taron Margaryan congratulated the
Chairman of the National Council of RA Kurdish community Knyaz Hasanov
and wished solidarity, implementation of new programs and

“Kurdish community with its own role has always actively participated
in our programs and has always been next to Yerevan. The municipality
highlights the role and the importance of minorities in the life of
the city and is ready to cooperate with them”,-on behalf of the Mayor,
Vano Vardanyan mentioned.

Knyaz Hasanov expressed appreciation and thanks for the congratulation
of Taron Margaryan.
“Mayor Taron Margaryan’s attention once again proves that our friendly
relations with the Armenian people are very firm and when the world
spread Kurds consider their cultural center the city of Yerevan, it is
not surprising any longer. It is a result of the friendly attitude
always shown by the authorities for what we are sincerely grateful.

And highlighting the importance of reconstruction and development
works in the city, which has recently become more and more noticeable,
on behalf of our community, we express our readiness of active
participation”- RA Kurdish National Council’s chairman assured.
Deputy Mayor Vano Vardanyan expressed hope that the relations with the
Kurdish community will be extended even further with new projects,
opportunities and achievements.


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