Eduard Sharmazanov: Taron Markaryan On Post Of Yerevan Mayor Is Like


Thursday, March 21, 12:05

Republican Party of Armenia will run for the Elders’ Council of
Yerevan with rich experience in local self-government and already
professional staff in the given sphere, Eduard Sharmazanov, Vice
Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, RPA Spokesperson, told ArmInfo. By
some rumors in the political circles, Sharmazanov is going to head
the Campaign Headquarters of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan at the
elections to the Elders’ Council of Yerevan. He said that RPA has
advantages over other political forces running to the Elders’ Council
of Yerevan, as RPA’s candidate for the post of Mayor Taron Markaryan
has rich experience in the self-government sphere due to his previous
successful activity on the post of the Avan community head. “Over
1.5 year of his activity as a Yerevan Mayor Margaryan has managed to
do much for Yerevan. He positively differs from other candidates of
other political forces.” The local elections unlike the republican
ones are less politicized because people elect economic executives
able to settle community tasks, Sharmazanov said. For instance,
Vartan Oskanian (the first on the list proportional representation of
Prosperous Armenia Party – ed.) as a politician is quite different
from Vartan Oskanian as an economic executive. It is the same as
to replace Ronaldo and Casillas, and in such case Real Madrid’s
coefficient of performance will fell at least by 50%, Sharmazanov
said. He said that RPA is preparing for the upcoming elections more
seriously than for the previous ones. “We are going to correct all
the previous miscalculations and come out with a more consolidated
and well- organized team and win,” Sharmazanov said. RPA spokesperson
is sure that the past presidential election and the victory of RPA
candidate Serzh Sargsyan by 58% of votes give confidence to the party
on the threshold of the elections to the Elders’ Council.

“Nevertheless, I’d like to say that from the political point of view
the situation at the municipal elections will certainly differ from
that during the presidential election as it will involve nearly all the
key oppositional forces. It will be a fight between the opposition
forces rather than between the opposition and the authorities,”
he said.

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