MP Of Azerbaijani Ruling Party Threatens Armenians With Reprisal On


17:54 12/03/2013 ” SOCIETY

Chairman of the Youth Association of Azerbaijan’s ruling party “Yeni
Azerbaijan” (NAP) Aygun Aliyeva (@ Aliyeva_Aygun) voiced threats
against the Armenians in the social network Twitter.

Replying on Twitter to the record of Onik Krikorian, the editor of
the international community in the Caucasus “Global Voices Online”
(@onewmphoto) which said, “Rubber bullets were used to disperse
protesters in Azerbaijan”, Aygun Aliyeva said: “We will use real
bullets against you, Mr. Krikorian, do not worry.”

Krikorian fixed the attention of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan
on the fact that the Azerbaijani MP threatens the citizen of the
United Kingdom, after which the British Embassy (@ukinazerbaijan)
left the following comment: “Thanks for the information, Onik.”

The other users, including the Azerbaijanis and Turks, expressed
surprise over the incident, noting that the threat of the ruling New
Azerbaijan Party contradict the rules of Twitter and talk about the
incompetence of the deputy. One of the comment writers called Aliyev
a racist.

On March 10, in Baku, a mass protest against the deaths of soldiers
in the army in non-combat situation was held. The rally was dispersed
by the police; at least 60 people were detained. According to the
opposition party “Musavat”, detainees were beaten and gassed in the
bus. Baku police also detained a number of parents of soldiers who
were dragged on the asphalt. On the eve news agency “Turan” provided
information that the authorities were going to use LRAD (Long Range
Acoustic Device) during Sunday’s protest in order to disperse the


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