Rouben Galichian Unmasked Falsification Of History In Brenda Shaffer


20:10 11/03/2013 ” SOCIETY

In an interview with News.Az Azerbaijani website, American-Israeli
historian and past president of the Foreign Policy Section of the
American Political Science Association, Brenda Shaffer, revealed
her pro-Azerbaijani views and sentiments. Rouben Galichian Expert in
Medieval maps and author living in London told in an open letter to
news agency “”.

As the letter says her supposedly “expertise” on the history of
Azerbaijan is apparent in her book “The Azerbaijani Turks” where
towing the line of the anti-Armenian Azerbaijani academician Zia M.

Buniatov, she quotes from his works which claim: “The idea of
Azerbaijan…. is correctly used in respect to the territories of
Northern and Southern Azerbaijan beginning with the 6th century
[BCE]…. According to Persian and Arabic sources…. From the 8th
century both Northern and Southern Azerbaijan were understood by the
name Azerbaijan.”

R. Galichian says that the above quotation from Buniatov is a complete
distortion of history, since first – According to Greek geographer
Strabo and others, the territory of Lesser Media (north-western Iran)
was renamed in honour of the Median military leader who fought against
Alexander’s army during the second century BCE. Athropatene After the
Arab invasion this name gradually evolved to Adherbijan… Azerbaijan).

Hence at the time mentioned by Shaffer/Buniatov no Azerbaijan existed
anywhere, a fact confirmed by all ancient historians.

“Second, no Arab historic or geographic literature exists prior to the
ninth and tenth centuries as put forward by Buniatov and certainly,
no Arab or Persian literature ever mentions the invented terminology
of Northern or Southern Azerbaijan. In all Islamic literature there
is only one Azerbaijan, which is the north-western Iranian province
of Azerbaijan, always located south of the Araxes River. Ms Shaffer
should be well aware that the name “Azerbaijan” north of the Araxes
for the first time appeared in 1918,” the scientist writes.

Galichian noted that an expert historian should be well aware of
the above facts and not repeat other’s fabrications, using them for
her own anti-Armenian and now anti-Iranian rhetoric. “It seems Ms
Shaffer has now found another platform for distributing her views,”
the letter reads.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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