Armenian Ex-Presidential Candidate Critical Of Minister Of Justice


23:31 ~U 11.03.13

Armenian ex-presidential candidate Andrias Ghukasyan told journalists
on Monday that Armenia’s Minister of Justice Hrair Tovmasyan will
never represent anyone’s interests but Serzh Sargsyan’s.

With respect to Mr Hovannisian’s appeal of the Feb 18 presidential
election results to Armenia’s Constitutional Court (CC), Mr Ghukasyan
said: “I think Mr Tovmasyan has no idea of how to spend his time.”

“Serzh Sargsyan’s expenses on his election campaign are common
knowledge. The statement submitted to Armenia’s Central Electoral
Commission indicates more than AMD 100m personal funds. I am sure
that he might have hired the best lawyer in our country. So why does
he use government funds in his personal interests.”

Without commenting on the Monday hearing, he said that the pressure on
the Heritage party’s lawyer Karen Mejlumyan and Heritage parliamentary
group Zaruhi Postanjyan is evidence that “spiritual unity” between
all government officials.

Mr Ghukasyan arrived at Freedom Square to see Heritage party Chairman
Raffi Hovannisian, who went on a hunger strike last Sunday.

He is sure that Raffi Hovannisian is not pursuing his own interests.

Hr is a political figure that is ready to defend society’s interests
at any cost. And this struggle will certainly bring victory to society.

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