Prosperous Armenia Party MP Says Government Impedes Implementation O


17:00 ~U 06.03.13

Extended sitting of the political council of the Prosperous Armenia
party (PAP) took place in the PAP central office on March 5. According
to PAP’s web site, working and structural issues of the party, issues
the country is facing and people are concerned with were discussed.

“The issues of our state and people should bother you all, the
faction’s MPs must be attentive to the issues of the public and
voice them in the parliament. By people’s side and for people –
this is the working principle of the party and its priority. The PAP
will do everything to preserve the people’s trust,” Tsarukyan said,
addressing the present.

In her speech PAP faction’s secretary Naira Zohrabyan referring to the
PAP’s activity in the parliament, said the faction is quite active,
initiative and the thousands of letters the faction receives from
people testifies their trust.

Naira Zohrabyan also voiced her complaint that the government rejects
all the PAP’s initiatives addressed to the implementation of the
party’s pre-electoral promises of the faction. Zohrabyan also voiced
hope that soon Armenia will have “more adequate government.”

Referring to the bills presented in the parliament and their voting,
Tsarukyan said the PAP’s MPs should be guided by the interests of
people and vote in corresponding way.

Vartan Oskanian and Gurgen Arsenyan stressed in their speeches that
the issues the country and people are facing are a lot starting from
political to social and economic, from legal to moral psychological
and PAP should have a serious role in their solution.

It was suggested to create a council affiliated to the party’s
chairman which will give an opportunity to quickly respond to different
political developments and make urgent decisions.

MP Vahan Babayan offered to elaborate more intensive activity in the
provinces, saying the party has all opportunities for doing it.

Women’s Council and Youth Union were instructed to work more
effective. Tsarukyan particularly highlighted assistance to talented
young people who do not have opportunity for reinventing themselves.

From: A. Papazian

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