Armenia’s Authorities Deceivers In Any Case – Opposition Rep


15:12 ~U 06.03.13

Larisa Alaverdyan, Chairwoman of the Foundation against Violation
of Law, believes Armenia’s authorities are primarily responsible for
election frauds and must make concessions.

On the other hand, being ready for more transparent negotiations is
a challenge for Armenia’s opposition.

“Let us hope that Raffi Hovannisian and the forces round him will
choose this way. This way is clear. It requires consent by the
healthy forces within the Republican Party of Armenia. In any case,
it is the authorities that will prove deceivers,” she said.

With respect to Raffi Hovannisian not specifying the ways, Ms
Alaverdyan said: “But have the political forces claiming uncertainty
suggested a way or advised anything?”

“Uncertainty has its strong points,” she added.

She commended the people consistently complaining about election
frauds. No one has doubts that the Feb.18 presidential election was
rigged as well.

“They have calmed down after the horrible action in 2008 and thought
the people will not be able to rise. Of importance is who the people
voted against rather than who they voted for,” Ms Alaverdyan said.

Her message is mainly intended for Armenia’s authorities. She stressed
the priority of solving the “March 1 murder crimes.”

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