L. Zurabyan: Chain leads to Kocharyan and Sargsyan

L. Zurabyan: Chain leads to Kocharyan and Sargsyan


If the PACE demand is met and the chain of the people who ordered to
open fire at protesters on March 1, 2008, is revealed, it will be
clear that Armenia’s second and third presidents Robert Kocahryan and
Serzh Sargsyan stand behind the chain, Levon Zurabyan, a lawmaker of
the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), said on Friday.

Zurabyan today attended the liturgy served in St. Sargis Church in
memory of the March 1 victims.

“At least, people know the perpetrators of the March 2008 deadly
clashes, the law-enforcers simply have to identify the criminals and
sue them,” said HAK MP Nikol Pashinyan.
The liturgy was attended by members of the opposition Heritage party
led by Raffi Hovannisian. After the service, HAK marched to the Statue
of Myasnikyan to lay flowers in memory of the ten victims.

Armenia’s first President, HAK Leader levon Ter-Petrosyan did not
attend the liturgy.


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