Turkey Rejects Key Precept In International Relations – Armenian Fm


February 27, 2013 | 20:41

Turkey unilaterally supports Azerbaijan and, naturally, it cannot
play a mediating role in this process, Armenian Foreign Minister
Edward Nalbandian stated Wednesday in an exclusive interview with
the Austrian News Agency.

“If Turkey really wants to contribute to the peaceful settlement
[of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict], it would be good that it does
not mettle in this process at all. Azerbaijan’s deconstructive and
denialist policy is the reason why it has not been possible to reach
a settlement to this day,” Nalbandian stressed.

To the query as to the cause for the failure in the Armenian-Turkish
normalization process, Armenia’s FM responded as follows:

“We came to an agreement. The Armenian-Turkish protocols were
signed, but the Turkish party refused to ratify and implement these
agreements. In actual fact, Turkey rejects the key precept of pacta
sunt servanda-“agreements must be kept”-in international relations.”

Reflecting on the issue of international recognition of the Armenian
Genocide, Edward Nalbandian specifically said:

“Genocides should be recognized, [and] condemned; their denial should
not be tolerated; this is the way. This is a matter of respecting
fundamental human rights and the international law. We hope that
Austria, just like other countries of Europe and the world, likewise
will recognize it [that is, the Armenian Genocide].”

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