Spokesman Of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Refuses To Fly On "Turkish


14:36 26/02/2013 ” SOCIETY

Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev
refused to fly by “Turkish Airlines” company. The reason was the
dissemination of Armenian newspaper “Aqos” in company’s aircraft,
published in Istanbul. According to Azerbaijani portal “Haqqin.az”
Elman Abdullayev wrote about it in Twitter.

On 21 February 2013 Azeri news agency “1nyuz.az” reported that the
“Turkish Airlines” (THY) distributes its passengers Armenian daily
“Agos” free of charge. The air carrier placed “Agos” on the stand
of free newspapers in the international Airport after Ataturk in
Istanbul. It was reported that in the near future, this newspaper
will be distributed among the passengers of all flights of THY.

In Azerbaijan they react painfully to all these events that take place
in Turkey. Thus, after the Turkish President Gul congratulated the
President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on his victory at the Armenian
presidential elections many activists expressed their discontent
in Azerbaijan. The deputy executive secretary of the ruling party
“Yeni Azerbaijan”, MP Mubariz Gurbanli said that he regrets for the
congratulation sent by the President of Turkey, which is “strategic
partner” of Azerbaijan. Deputy heads of the Presidential Administration
Novruz Mammadov and others expressed dissatisfaction too.

Hrant Dink, editor of newspaper “Agos” published in Turkey was
assassinated in Istanbul on January 19, in 2007 in front of the
editorial office. On 17 January in 2012 the court of Istanbul issued
its verdict over this case. According to the decision, 18 suspects
were acquitted and released. Their implication in an armed terrorist
group, planning and assistance in the crime the court found not proven.

It is known that Yasin Hayal the main accused in Dink’s assassination
was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Erhan Tuncel, who was
accused of leading the armed terrorist groups and planning the murder,
was acquitted.

The actual perpetrator of the crime, who at the time was under-aged,
Ogun Samast was taken into custody a day after the murder was committed
and in July of the previous year was sentenced to 21 years and 10
months imprisonment. Suspects Yoldzhun Ersin and Ahmet Iskender have
been sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison for being involved
in the murder and for planning the crime.

Source: Panorama.am

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