Hovannisian Defiant As Official Election Results Released


February 25, 2013

YEREVAN (A.W.)-A few hours after the official results of Armenia’s
presidential election were released, a defiant Raffi Hovannisian gave
a press conference saying that he will continue the struggle in the
courtroom and on Freedom Square.

An activist on Freedom Square holds a sign condemning election fraud.

(Photo by Khatchig Mouradian, The Armenian Weekly) The opposition
leader also made it clear during the press conference that he
does not expect a quick and swift resolution to the post-election
challenges. “This is not my struggle anymore, nor the struggle of my
‘team,'” he said. “Let people not think that this is an issue will
be resolved in a day,” arguing that creatively and collectively,
he will continue the struggle.

“I am an Armenia-centric citizen,” said Hovannisian, adding that
those who talk of leaders who are pro-Russia pro-America will have
to change their ways, or else the new generation will come and remove
them from their posts.

Hovannisian stressed that The Central Electoral Commission (CEC)
and all those who took part in rigging the election must and will be
held accountable. He also said those who try to impede the movement
of the people will also give answers for their actions. “I have to
go to the place I please in Armenia to say barev (to greet) and thank
the people,” he said.

The “barevolution” leader also said he will do his utmost to avoid
scenarios that could lead to bloodshed. “I will not allow a single
drop of blood to shed, he noted, at the same time cautioning the
authorities not to confuse this with lack of resoluteness. “I won’t
accept the citizen of Armenia to become a subject of mockery with
these official results,” he said.