Hovik Abrahamyan’s Brother Beats Mayor?


Story from Lragir.am News:

10:36 22/02/2013

Yesterday Jonik Abrahamyan, brother of NA speaker and head of the
RPA campaign headquarters Hovik Abrahamyan, reportedly beat up Mayor
of Artashat Town Gagik Muradyan. The reason is said to be low toll
Serzh Sargsyan received in Artashat. Jonik suspects that the mayor
failed vote buying.

Hovik Abrahamyan had called a meeting in the church of Artashat with
those responsible for the campaign headquarters in Ararat Marz. Hovik
Abrahamyan told them to get ready to start buying votes. Jonik
Abrahamyan urged them not to let his brother down.

By the way, something similar happened during the parliamentary
election. Ararat Mayor Abraham Babayan was suspected of misusing
800,000 dollars allocated to him for buying votes. He had been asked
to return the money.

From: Baghdasarian