Armenian Nation Will Give Its Appraisal – Presidential Candidate


February 19, 2013 | 15:31

YEREVAN. – Armenia’s presidential contender, non-party affiliate and
epic poetry specialist, Vardan Sedrakyan issued a statement in his
Facebook page, with respect to Monday’s presidential vote, and he
thanked his supporters.

“Stay strong in your faith! A very little time will pass, and everyone
will come to understand who was fair and who, [was] unfair. Who was
solving his personal matters on behalf of the [Armenian] nation,
and who was truly fighting for justice.

The nation will give its appraisal, and our time will come. And we
ultimately will be able to reinstate the laws of justice in Armenia,”
Sedrakyan specifically noted in his statement.

As Armenian informed earlier, in line with preliminary
data and as a result of the tally of the ballots that were cast in
Armenia’s 1,988 polling precincts, incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan
received 861,378 votes (58.64%), Raffi Hovannisian garnered 539,674
votes (36.74%), Hrant Bagratyan gathered 31,643 votes (2.15%), Paruyr
Hayrikyan earned 18,093 votes (1.23%), Andreas Ghukasyan gained
8,328 votes (0.57%), Arman Melikyan collected 3,520 votes (0.24%),
and Vardan Sedrakyan acquired 6,203 votes (0.42%).

Note that Presidential Elections were held in Armenia on Monday, and
the seven candidates that ran in the voting were: Ruling Republican
Party leader and incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan, opposition
Heritage Party Chairman and former FM Raffi Hovannisian, opposition
Freedom Party Chairman and former PM Hrant Bagratyan, opposition
National Self-Determination Union Chairman Paruyr Hayrikyan,
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic former FM Arman Melikyan, “Radio Hay”
Company Manager and political scientist Andreas Ghukasyan, and
non-party affiliate and epic poetry specialist Vardan Sedrakyan.

From: A. Papazian

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