Ukranian NGOs concerned over increasing Azeri threats of use of forc

Ukranian NGOs concerned over increasing Azeri threats of use of force
against Armenia

YEREVAN, February 14. /ARKA/. All-Ukrainian Narodna Rada
non-governmental organization that unites 4,500 Ukrainian NGOs urged
the OSCE to take active measures to prevent anti-Armenian policy of
Azerbaijan, reported. Earlier, the same call was made
by Civilian Union international NGO.

`Recently, provocative statements by official Baku, Azeri mass media
and NGOs on opening and operation of Stepanakert international airport
have become more frequent. The statements contain direct menaces to
use force to suppress civilian flights. We draw your attention to the
fact that this conflicts with all international legal and humanitarian
norms’, the document says.

The statement also expresses concerns over official Baku’s statements
that Azeri air force is instructed to shoot down civic aircrafts that
allegedly enter their air space.

`We point out that it is the only airport in the Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic and resumption of its operations pursues merely civilian and
humanitarian aims and will have considerable impact over social and
economic development’, the document reads.

Such allegations around the civic airport escalate the tensions in the
region and may aggravate the situation, according to the statement.

The authors of the statement urge the OSCE and the global community to
pay attention to the mentioned facts and called Azeri leadership to
refrain from statements and actions that may lead to tragic
consequences and undermine the peaceful efforts.

`Baku administration is consistent in demonstrating aggression and
complete lack of negotiability’, says the statement.

Azeri top officials’ menaces against Armenia and statements that their
main enemy is Armenians of the world prove that anti-Armenian hysteria
and hatred of mankind has been part of Azerbaijan’s state policy since
long ago, since Sumgait and Baku, since the 1915 genocide of Armenians
in Turkey, the document says. -0-

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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