February 18 Election Conflicts With Constitution’s Logic – Armenian


22:34 ~U 13.02.13

The Armenian presidential election slated for February 18 not only
fails to meet the Constitution’s logic but also conflicts with the
country’s basic law, according to an opposition MP.

In an address issued to the Armenians ahead of the presidential polls,
Nikol Pashinyan of the opposition Armenian National Congress says a
real election would be the one in which people would have the power
to decide their future leader.

“The group which acceded to power through the March 1, 2008 bloody
revolt has managed to create an unprecedented situation – also due to
our mistake as an opposition, – which not only prevents the people
from deciding who Armenia’s president will be, but also sees the
man who has occupied the president’s residence wishing to decide
de facto what people should do and how. Serzh Sargsyan, by the way,
does not even conceal such an intention,” reads the statement.

Blaming the incumbent president for the March 1, 2008 post-electoral
turmoil that left 10 people dead and scores of others injured, the
opposition MP warns the Armenian voters against casting their ballot
in favor of Sargsyan on February 18. He makes calls for optimism to
the Armenians in Armenia and the diaspora communities.

“The Republic of Armenia does have a Future as long as we haven’t given
up struggling for it and haven’t renounced our duty to inherit a Free
and Happy Armenia to our children. We haven’t stopped and will never
stop. We have taken up the duty so it is subject to being fulfilled,”
he says.


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