Tehran: Islamic Revolution pioneered democracy in region – Archbisho

Iranian Government News
January 31, 2013 Thursday

Islamic Revolution pioneered democracy in region – Archbishop


Archbishop of Azarbaijan’s Armenians Gregor Chiftechian said the
Islamic Revolution in Iran was the prelude to emergence of
democracy-seeking movements in the region especially in Islamic

Talking to IRNA on Wednesday, the archbishop termed Iran’s Islamic
Revolution as the biggest public uprising of the 20th century, saying
it was of very positive and constructive outcomes both for the
Iranians and nations of the other world countries, thanks to its
various freedom-seeking achievements.

He said the collapse of the monarchs (of Pahlavi regime) and the
establishment of the Islamic Republic system based on the divine
teachings was the cause of progress and remarkable achievements of the
nation in the past three decades.

Pointing to the role of the Iran’s Armenian community in the victory
of the Islamic Revolution, Archbishop Chiftechian said that just like
their Muslim fellow countrymen, the Armenians too rose against tyranny
and oppression in the country and played a major role in establishing
the Islamic Republic system in the country.

He noted that the Armenian community, including that of Azarbaijan,
are committed to safeguarding the Islamic Revolution and feel obliged
to protect it.

From: Baghdasarian

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