BAKU: Azerbaijani Secret Service’s Failed Abduction Op in Nakhchivan

Azerbaijani Secret Service’s Failed Abduction Operation in Nakhchivan

Vasif Talibov, chairman of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of
Azerbaijan is notorious for his Turkmenbashi style governance of
NAKHCHIVAN. January 31, 2013: Family members of Ashraf Hasanov,
opposition activist representing Public Chamber of the Azerbaijani
Opposition in Nakhchivan, reported about the failed abduction
operation of the officers of the Ministry of National Security (MNS).
On January 31, at about 15:30, a group of people broke into Ashraf
Hasanov’s yard in the village of Nehram, and tried to kidnap him,
Hasanov himself told Turan.
“A couple of days ago, a man phoned me and said that he was an
employee of the MNS of Babek district of Nakhchivan. He demanded that
I paid a visit to his supervisor at the local MNS office. When I asked
him why he called me, he told me not to argue, and come with him. I
refused, but two hours later 10-12 people attacked my house and tried
to take me by force,” said Hasanov.
Hasanov’s wife said the following: “A stranger knocked on the door; I
asked what they wanted, and they said that they had come to take my
husband and he was to go with them. I realized that they wanted to
arrest him, and I began to cry. At that moment, several people jumped
over the fence and knocked my grandchildren and me down. They tried to
break into the apartment, but the neighbors responded to my crying.
The eldest of them called someone, and said it was not possible to
detain Ashraf. But he added that they would soon return and arrest my
husband,” said Hasanov’s wife.
It has not been possible to get comments from the MNS of Nakhchivan.
Last week Ashraf Hasanov held a press conference in Baku and told
about the pressure on him by the employees of MNS because of his
political activities. Ashraf Hasanov is a member of the local branch
of the Public Chamber (Turan).

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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