Armenian circus to meet all Int’l standards after reconstruction

Armenian circus to meet all international standards after reconstruction

11:22, 2 February, 2013

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 2, ARMENPRESS: After rebuilding Armenian circus will
meet all international standards and will be completely different from
the old building. Armenpress was informed from artistic director of
the Cultural Center of `Yerevan Circus’ Sos Petrosyan.

Despite it was initially preplanned to complete renovation of the
building till October 2013, in a result of some project changes it was
fully demolished, thus the deadline was removed.

`New circus building will meet all international standards; there will
be 2000 seat places, 3 changeable arenas, it will be for 6 meters
higher and be provided with latest technology,’ Sos Petrosyan noted.

The budget of the renovation is not yet clarified.

Despite temporarily closure of the circus actors and animals of
`Yerevan Circus’ are touring in different countries of the world.

Yerevan Circus was founded in 1930s, it was completely renovated in
1962 and was finally demolished in September 2012. The new building of
the circus is planned to be opened in 2014.

The original building of the circus was wooden and was built in the
1930s. In 1939 a new building was constructed in its location for 800
spectators designed by Nikoghayos Buniatian. That building was
completely renovated in 1962 by Vagharshak Belubekian’s project.

The repair works were started in August 2011. Later it was decided to
demolish the building and construct a new one, because the old
building was not eligible for renovation.

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