An Appeal To The Community


Monday, January 28th, 2013 | Posted by Contributor

Horizon Television

Charter Communications, Inc. recently notified the management of
Horizon Armenian Television that this channel that has been serving
the Armenian community for more than two decades would be yanked off
the Charter lineup effective February 19, 2013.

This shocking and unilateral decision by the corporation that
governs the cable system serving Glendale, Burbank, La Crescenta,
La Canada, Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley will deprive its
customers of access to a reliable source of news related to community
developments and events during this critical period preceding the
municipal elections in Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, and other
adjoining cities.

Horizon Armenian Television finds this action a gross injustice and
disservice by the Charter corporate to its customers. At the beginning
of December, the Horizon Armenian Television accepted all the new terms
stipulated by the Charter corporate for the renewal of their fourteenth
annual agreement. Horizon Armenian Television met all the financial
obligations imposed by Charter prior to the start of the New Year and
long before being notified that it will be removed from the line-up.

Horizon Television debuted in May of 1989 with a mission to inform
and serve the Armenian- American community. In a short time, Horizon
became a broadcast outlet for news and information and evolved into
a true voice for the ever-expanding Armenian community. In 1999,
Horizon expanded its programming to become the first 24-hour television
channel in the local Armenian community and through partnering with
organizations and businesses alike, it has provided groundbreaking
coverage of all things Armenian for its viewers. Horizon Armenian
TV has played a pivotal role in the launch and expansion of Armenian
language television programs and channels in Southern California over
the past 14 years.

This action by the Charter corporate is nothing short of bullying
a non-profit organization which is dedicated to service and the
betterment of the community. This action is an affront to the
thousands of loyal Armenian-American customers in Glendale, Burbank,
and surrounding areas.

We are confident that Horizon viewers will be joined by community
organizations, leaders and businesses to express their anger and
disappointment at this flagrant abuse of power whose aim is to silence
and stifle the vibrant voices of our energetic and diverse community.

In the coming days, Horizon Armenian Television and a task force of
community representatives will unveil the legal and other actions being
taken to not only keep Horizon Armenian TV on the Charter line-up,
but to expand coverage to adjoining Armenian communities and enhance
the diversity of programming provided by local Armenian television
content providers.

Horizon Armenian Television Board of Directors