A Citizen Accuses Medical Center Of Removing Wife’s Kidney To Sell I


15:50 ~U 10.01.13

Karapet Karapetyan, an engineer, claimed today at the meeting with
reporters that human organ selling mafia operates in Armenia and
accused Margaryan and Nairi medical centers’ doctors of stealing
human organs.

Recently We will not keep silence initiative released a video with
Karapetyan telling what happened.

Karapetyan said his wife was operated in Margaryan maternity hospital
claiming that as a result of a mistake the woman faced a number of
problems, which resulted in the necessity to remove the kidney.

“During five months she underwent seven surgeries of which three in
Nairi, one in Margaryan and another one in Armenia medical center. As
a result my wife’s kidney was removed,” he said, claiming that all
these operations were useless and were made to take the woman’s kidney.

Karapetyan said they have applied to the doctor of Margaryan hospital
Okoyev demanding to return them the kidney, but the latter refused to
do so saying they had sent it for expertise. “I have been convinced
that human organ selling mafia is operating in Armenia,” he said,
claiming that the kidney was sold in Nairi medical center.

As a result, his wife Nune Maghakyan lost her job, became second
class handicapped and now is getting the third class.

A criminal case has opened into the case in 2010 but till now no
solution was given to the issue, the patient’s husband says. “I demand
fair trial and financial compensation otherwise I am going to apply
to the European court,” Karapetyan said.

Director of Margaryan mother and child health preservation
center, professor G. Okoyev released an explanation relating to
Nune Maghakyan’s case. According to it, Maghakyan was to undergo a
surgery during which it became clear that she has other problem as well
needing surgery. The doctor decided to expand the scope of the surgery
during which a complication has aroused needing interference of other
specialist and the patient was transported to other medical center.

After few surgeries with the written request of the patient and a
written document Maghakyan’s kidney was removed.

The medical center reported that no mistake was made by doctor during
the surgery in Margaryan hospital which is proved by three expertise

“A German doctor that participated in the expertise made conclusion
that doctor Okoyev has not committed any mistake during the operation
and his decision to expand the scope of the surgery was aimed at the
improvement of patient’s health. Besides, the surgery was made with
the consent of Maghakyan’s consent,” the statement says. As demanded
by law the surgery was state-funded. It is not the choice of either
a doctor or medical center but is being done by the established rules.

“As to the kidney removal, it was done after six months in other
medical center with request of the patient who refused other two
ways of treatment to avoid kidney’s removal and submitted written
request of doing it. Referring to the demand of Karapetyan to return
the removed kidney, the medical center says according to hygienic
and anti-epidemic norms the human organs in Armenia are subjected
to special preservation and elimination through a special method and
the implementation of the such senseless request of the patient would
have been illegal,” the hospital’s statemen runs.


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