Aliyev Still Eager To Hit Civilian Aircraft


January 9, 2013

Baku should consider its actions before ordering to shoot down
civilian aircraft.

The year 2013 has just started, and Azerbaijan again voices threats
against Stepanakert airport. According to Azerbaijani APA agency,
“a high-ranking Air Force and Air Defence official who wished to
remain unnamed said that the country permanently controls its air
space with radar systems.”

PanARMENIAN.Net – It turns out that the Azerbaijani army is on alert
to prevent any attempt of the enemy to enter their airspace. “Even the
drones the Armenians launch over Karabakh are being registered. The
attempts of the Armenians to operate flights prohibited in this
territory will be prevented anyway. We control all processes and are
ready for preventive actions at any moment. It can be done by any
means, and the enemy is aware of it. The international conventions
Azerbaijan has joined allow it to take actions with regard to attempts
to violate the internationally recognized airspace. In fact, there
is legal framework for Azerbaijan to justify its moves,” the unnamed
officer declared.

It is no secret that Baku has trouble with the legal framework. A
question arises – can there possibly be any international legislation
that authorizes shoot-down of the civilian aircraft? There has been
a similar incident once: on September 1, 1983 the Soviet interceptor
SU-15 shot down Boeing 747 of Korean AirLines. All 246 passengers
and 23 members of the crew of the Korean civilian airliner were killed.

USSR was finally declared the “Empire of Evil” and collapsed 8 years

A lie repeated a hundred of times ceases to be one; it now serves
another purpose, namely, it misleads both their own army and
the people. It is widely known that Azerbaijan is eager to launch
hostilities against Nagorno Karabakh, and Armenia in general. Russian
political scientist Alexander Skakov openly states that Baku has
already taken a decision to start the war; the date just needs to be
confirmed. If Baku starts the war, the hostilities will most likely
be launched towards the presidential vote scheduled for fall 2013 in
Azerbaijan. Despite the loud and delightful statements, Ilham Aliyev
will again have to forge the results of the elections; then rallies
and arrests will come, following the scenario of 2008. If one takes
into account that the Aliyev clan is facing increasingly deteriorating
attitude by the international community, Aliyev’s future appears quite
gloomy. And here is the moment they would need a small triumphant war.

No matter the war turns out to be neither a small nor a triumphant
one; the important thing is to launch hostilities, and flights from
Stepanakert to Yerevan may really trigger this.

Here the beginning of the World War II can be reminded. The parallel
is not a commensurable one, and still… On September 1, 1939 at about
10a.m. Hitler got up on the rostrum and declared that Poland’s regular
army had broken into the territory of Germany and started firing.

Since 5:45 a.m., German soldiers have been firing and shelling in
response. Later they claimed that the war was triggered by the attack
of Polish guerillas against Gleiwitz radio station near the Polish
border. Anti-German slogans were allegedly being shouted, and a German
technician was reported to be killed during the incident. Later the
attack appeared to be a staged one.

A graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations is
apparently aware of all this, and he should have known the outcome
of the World War II as well. In this case, Germany will be replaced
by Azerbaijan, and Baku’s strategists must always bear this in mind.

Turkey may lend a helping hand to Azerbaijan, or the Islamic
solidarity might work here. However, nobody is going to carry the war
for Ilham Aliyev; the dismal experience of the national-liberation
fight in Karabakh in early 90s obviously made various mercenaries
reluctant to do it again. Much can be purchased for money, but the
skill for warfare is not the thing Aliyev can buy. Even though the
Turkish military are far more educated than the Azerbaijanis, NATO
specialists will deal with úòë Patriot. Hence Baku should consider
its actions before ordering to shoot down civilian aircraft.

Karine Ter-Sahakian

From: Baghdasarian

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