Nothing to change in Armenia, disappointed leader of People’s party

Nothing to change in Armenia, disappointed leader of People’s party says

16:15 – 05.01.13

Chairman of People’s party Tigran Karapetyan has no mood to speak
about New Year, and moreover about Armenia’s political field, being
very much disappointed.

`You, journalists, understand quite well but you enter the game
knowing that there is no justice, no people, no political field,
that’s it,’ he said, speaking to

He stressed that a party has seized the political field while among
people only those taking 10,000 drams’ bribes have remained in

`I think we do not have a political field, we have authorities that
seized the power. The same party, the same faces, nothing changes and
will change. The people have left the country, the rest are those who
are taking 10,000 drams,’ he said.

Karapetyan said he neither has mood to propose anything nor sees any
prospect. `No matter what we do, Republicans will win, not win but
will rig the elections as it moves forward through falsifications. The
other parties are just formal ones, to show that there is politics in
the country. They want to show that the Armenian National Congress is
opposition, it is fiction, there is nothing like it,’ he said.

Speaking about New Year celebrations, he said he has celebrated it
with his family and chose the most expensive gifts for his children.

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