Snake bite is healthy, let it bite – Dashnaktsutyun MP

Snake bite is healthy, let it bite – Dashnaktsutyun MP

January 01, 2013 | 12:40

In an interview with Armenian the secretary of the
parliamentary faction of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)
Dashnaktsutyun Aghvan Vardanyan said he will be celebrating the New
Year at home, in Armenia. He prepared for the New Year with pleasure,
bought toys for the Christmas tree, the Christmas tree was decorated
by his grandson, and he was having fun. His wife and son have done the
most part of the purchases. New Year expenses in Vartanyan family are
around AMD 300-400 thousand ($900).

Vardanyans haven’t ordered for a Santa or a Snow Maiden.

`I am Santa Claus, and there are several Snow Maidens at home. I will
not speak about my wishes – Santa Claus knows what he must bring,’ the
MP said.

He tries to avoid the visits with brandy and candies and the closest
family members visit them at home.

`I grew up in Nakhijevan, a village lost in the mountains, and then
the New Year and all human relations were simpler,’ Aghvan Vardanyan

Responding to the question whether he is satisfied with the Snake, the
symbol of the New Year, Vartanyan answered positively.

`I am pleased with everyone,’ he added and the expectations of the
coming year he summarized in one sentence, `Snake’s bite is healthy –
let it bite.’