Aram Manukyan: 70K Armenians will celebrate New Year away from home

Aram Manukyan: “70,000 Armenians will celebrate the New Year away from home”

2012-12-31 19:02:32

In an interview with parliamentarian of the Armenian
National Congress (ANC) Aram Manukyan, totaling 2012, noted that the
most negative phenomenon of the year was emigration.

“The most significant, the most negative and the most influential
phenomenon in 2012 was emigration. This year, 70,000 people will
celebrate the New Year away from home. This is a tragedy,” said Aram

The MP said that no doubt that next year will repeat the same thing,
and added that the people should have the will to stand up to all
this, as playing with his fate, they are deprived of the right to live
in their homeland.

“I would like to see emigration over in2013. People should manage
their own destiny, and not anyone else. I wish that the Armenians were
firmly, aware of their rights and were the head of their own destiny.