2013. A Year of Dismantlement of Oligarchy

2013. A Year of Dismantlement of Oligarchy

Haik Aramyan
19:08 31/12/2012
Story from Lragir.am News:

In 2011, on New Year’s eve Lragir.am published an article entitled The
Next Armenian Revolution in which we expressed the opinion that 2012
will be a revolutionary year because the criminal-oligarchic system is
cracking and the legal-constitutional awareness and the civic values
are growing in the society.

2012 lived up to these expectations. There were two key developments
in the passing year which marked the collapse of the
anti-Constitutional criminal-oligarchic system and the establishment
of the basis for the Armenian constitutional state. The first was the
victory of the civil society in Mashtots Park. The civic groups were
able to achieve a brilliant victory by means of the legal ad civic
mechanism when the system had to retreat and return the public park to
the society. Later the civic groups achieved several more brilliant
victories in the protection of public rights.

In this context, the behavior of the Armenian political parties, both
government and opposition, was notable. These parties came together
against the civic society, trying to belittle the importance of this
event. The behavior of the forces referred to as opposition was
especially `valuable’ for the society in the sense that the society
lost illusions about the nature and motivation of these forces.

The second important event was the inglorious political death of these
forces which escaped from the political fight one after the other on
the eve of the presidential election. A lot of reasons and assumptions
are suggested but the deeper reason was the nature and motivation of
these forces.

The political forces of Armenia are authoritarian and commercial in
nature, they have transformed to a political sign and roof for the
criminal oligarchy, being in financial and other kinds of dependence
on it. They have acted as a `buffer’ between the public and the
criminal oligarchy which had usurped the public administration
institutions and opportunities with the help of which the oligarchy
infringed and ignored the rights of the society. In other words, the
oligarchy shortened the society of the society with the help of the
political parties, getting away with the crimes it commits.

The parliamentary election shed a light on this situation. An attempt
was made to prolong the life of the oligarchy. And this situation
dispelled the last illusions, while the death of the political forces
became a matter of time and a fact. The excuses are mere efforts not
to let the political veil drop down and to cover up their complicity.

People cannot be cheated, even if they can do it for twenty years.

Now the oligarchy has lost its political veil and buffer and is
standing in front of the society, naked and helpless. In 2013 the
society will dismantle this peril which has wasted all the resource of
the country and people’s faith in their future and dreams. Then the
society will establish new political forces which will fulfill their
main function – establishment and strengthening of constitutional
norms and mechanisms.

Happy New Year!