13:56 – 29.12.12

Director of Sociometer sociological center Aharon Adibekyan said the
coming elections are like the ones held in 1998 when they were 18
candidates but the main were only four.

The pollster said the polls showed 21.5% will give their votes to
incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan, while 8.7% will not vote for him,
but 64.3% think he will be re-elected.

`It happened so that the opposition did everything to ensure victory
for Serzh Sargsyan as its idea over united opposition candidate
failed,’ Adibekyan told the reporters today, adding that 52% of the
respondents said they will go to polls, but only 30% have decided who
they will vote for, while 22% still have doubts.

The opinion polls showed Raffi Hovhannisian follows Serzh Sargsyan
with 6.3% ready to give their votes to him, and 0.9 not going to vote
for him. Only 0.25% think he will win. The second comes Paruyr
Hayrikyan with 0.3% of people ready to give their votes to him.

Adibekyan said the majority of votes will be distributed among them
but they can be joined by Hrant Bagratyan. Serzh Sargsyan will get
72%, Raffi Hovhannisian 21%.

The pollster though said the more accurate forecasts they give a week
before the elections.