Housing Program in Gyumri Ends In 2013

Housing Program in Gyumri Ends In 2013

12:13 28/12/2012
Story from Lragir.am News:

In 2013 the program on the provision of apartments for homeless in
Gyumri will be completed. 5500 families will be provided with
apartments, said the minister of urban development Samvel Tadevosyan.

According to him, 38 buildings with 1756 apartments will be exploited.
400 more apartments are planned to be built in the disaster zone 400
of which in Gyumri.

Despite this work, there will still be homeless people in the disaster
zone even after the completion of the program. Dwelling on this issue,
the minister said at this moment there is no program for these
families. After this program, new researches will be carried out to
define the future actions.

The workers of Mush-2 districts have not received their salaries yet.
Relating to this issue, Samvel Tadevosyan said that the government has
an agreement with Glendale Hills Company but the latter is not in
charge of the salaries but the contractors with which it stipulates
contracts. The minister said the salaries will be paid by the end of
the year.