Food safety: 33,620,000 AMD transferred to state budget

Food safety: 33,620,000 AMD transferred to state budget

December 28

The head of the RA State Service for Food Safety Abraham Bakhchagulian
summarized this year’s results today. He said 35 legal acts – in line
with European standards – regulating the sphere were developed this

In 2012, 235 checks were conducted. Administrative proceedings were
taken, with 33 million 629 thousand AMD being transferred to the state
budget. The activities of 18 companies were suspended: their work did
not meet safety standards; they had problems related to hygienic and
technical requirements.

According to Bakhchagulian, this year SSFS conducted studies in dairy
produce, bread, meat, and fish markets. The public was informed about
food safety problems in these markets.

The speaker announced that next year great attention will be paid to
foodstuffs’ qualitative indices and registration of livestock. The
implementation of a number of programs will continue.

The head of SSFS said that the registration of business entities at
SSFS will be completed by February 2013, with administrative
proceedings to be taken against those who will not be registered.
Business entities may get registered through the website.
Bakhchagulian stressed that the database will help control the
activities of companies.

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