Aleppo-based Armenians: New Year by candlelight

Aleppo-based Armenians: New Year by candlelight

16:25 – 31.12.12

Armenians in Aleppo are not going to see the New Year in as usual this
time. Numerous neighborhoods with Armenian population are not supplied
with electric power yet. Bread can hardly be found in the city, its
price is ten times as high.

`We will hardly be able to see one another. But each family will set
the table, propose toasts, pray and wish good things,’ Zhirair
Reisyan, Spokesman for the Beirut diocese of the Armenian Apostolic
Church, told

Aleppo-based Armenians usually see the New Year in together with their
relatives and friends.

Raffi Muradyan, who arrived in Armenia a month ago, says: `My and my
wife’s parents could not come. We will at least try to get in touch
with our families by means of Internet to see them.’

He is renting a flat in Yerevan and has found a job. `We arrived here
because the situation was very difficult. I have found a job and want
to settle down here,’ he says.

`We used to toast to health and success first. But this year the first
toast will be to peace in Syria. May God save us.’

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