Average Nominal Monthly salary in Armenia reaches 119,791 in Nov 201

National statistical service: average nominal monthly salary in
Armenia reaches 119, 791 in November 2012

YEREVAN, December 28. /ARKA/. Average nominal monthly salary in
Armenia reached 119, 791 drams (294 U.S. dollar or 9,229 Russian
rubles) in November 2012, according to the National Statistical
Service’s report based on preliminary analysis.

In October 2012, it amounted to 119,672 drams – 0.5% higher than in
September 2012 and 5.1% higher than in October 2011.

The highest average salary was recorded in Syunik province – more than
145,700 drams, and the lowest in Aragatsotn – about 82,400 drams. In
Yerevan, average nominal monthly salary amounted to more than 132,000
drams in November.

The highest salaries were in finance and insurance sectors – about
303,700 drams, in information and communication areas – 252,900 drams,
in mining industry – about 243,000 drams, in companies supplying
electricity, natural gas and steam – about 154,900, construction –
more than 154,300 drams and in state-governing institutions – over
130,900 drams.

The culture and rest sector’s employees were lowest-paid in October
2012. Average monthly wage here slightly exceeded 66,400 drams.
Services sector’s average monthly salary was 75,400 drams.

Education sector’s average salary amounted to AMD 79,900 drams and
public catering sector’s 80,700 drams. ($1 – AMD 403.58). -0—

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