Ameria Group Expands Its Offices In Los Angeles

Ameria Group Expands Its Offices In Los Angeles

Friday, December 28th, 2012 | Posted by Contributor

Armenian Bar Association members with Ameria Group’s LA Office CEO
Rafi Manoukian

Armenia’s premier business advisory services provider, Ameria Group,
is expanding its offices in Los Angeles after one year of operations
in the United States of America. Ameria Group Inc. opened the doors of
the new office, located in the heart of downtown of the city of
Glendale, with the largest concentration of American-Armenians, at 330
N. Brand Blvd on December 13th, 2012.

Ameria Group’s LA Office CEO Rafi Manoukian, currently a member of the
Glendale City Council and twice a former mayor, welcoming the guests,
said: `It is my pleasure to head Ameria’s LA office because through
Ameria I see a great opportunity to connect the Diaspora to Armenia’s
promising business opportunities. Ameria’s philosophy is getting away
from individual relationships and starting institutionalized
relationships. As a group of professional companies, Ameria provides
full-fledged advisory and financial services in Armenia and former CIS
countries. Ameria Group’s LA office gives direct access to Ameria’s
specialized services in Armenia as it relates to investors’ legal,
management, equity financing or mergers and acquisition needs.’

Ameria Group’s LA Office CEO Rafi Manoukian welcoming the guests

The grand opening of the Ameria Group’s new LA office was a highly
attended event by about 100 members of the Diaspora business
community, community organizations, dignitaries and opinion makers,
such as the representatives of the Armenian Bar Association,
Congressman Adam Schiff’s Office, Diaspora’s major media outlets,
AACC, Homenetmen Ararat Chapter and more.

Artsakh Development Group Board Member and Attorney at Law Gerard
Kassabian stressed Ameria’s importance in dispelling the fears of
Diaspora, saying: `Ameria has done a phenomenal job in making their
presence known here in the US, especially to the diaspora Armenians.
One of the most important things is to reduce the unknown and the
anxiety of anybody who’s looking to invest in the motherland. Ameria
has come forward and given people the channel to be able to ask
questions, inquire about the facilities available that make investment
a possibility in Armenia, with the help of investment advisors or the
legal department.’

Armenian Bar Association Chairman Garo Ghazarian said having a company
such as Ameria in the Diaspora is both needed and important: `Ameria
has stepped forward with a much needed initiative for the Diaspora.
Having a presence in Los Angeles and bridging the Diaspora to
Armenian’s investment opportunities by providing comprehensive
services will certainly will entice more investments into the country.
In fact, we have been waiting for a resource like Ameria that can
provide everything one needs to know when making investment related
decisions in motherland Armenia.’

Ameria Group of Companies in Armenia has been expanding dynamically
within and beyond the borders of Armenia. The company has established
a presence in the United States since September 2011 through Ameria
Group Inc. The inaugural reception of Ameria Group Inc. in America was
attended by Armenia’s President Serge Sargsyan and the
American-Armenian business community.

Manoukian urged the attendants to invest in Armenia with the help of
professionals in order to mitigate the risks and ensure possible
success for investment and business transactions, as modeled by Ameria
in Armenia: `Ameria itself is a great example of successful
partnership between successful Diaspora Armenian and local businessmen
from Armenia, leading to high return on investment in Armenia’s
emerging market. With an initial investment of only 100, 000 USD,
Ameria has grown into a group of companies that presently has more
than 500 million dollars in assets, branches across the country and
the largest advisory client portfolio in Armenia.’

In the past decade Ameria Group has attracted more than $ 500 million
dollars in foreign funds and helped many businesses successfully grow
in the emerging Armenian & Eastern European market. With an
established network of trusted partnerships with reputable
organizations such as USAID, World Bank, UNDP, Ameria has a proven
record of success. 50 % of Armenia’s biggest taxpayers are Ameria’s
clients, such as the SAS supermarket chain, Zangezour
Copper-Molybdenum mining company. The largest and the most successful
mergers and acquisition deals in Armenia’s commercial real estate &
hospitality industry have been done with Ameria’s help; including the
franchising & development of the first hotel representing the
Intercontinental Group in the region, the development of the business
plan for the world’s largest aerial tramway to Tatev Monastery and

Ameria Group’s LA office Public Relations Director Anush Hovsepyan
highlighted Ameria’s leading position not only in business, but also
in giving back to the community: `Not only has Ameria attracted
multimillion dollars in foreign investments, needed to strengthen
Armenia’s economy, but has been continuously contributing to various
charity projects. This year, as a result Ameria Group’s 3rd annual
live charity art auction, overall $ 200, 000 will be allocated toward
the treatment of Armenia’s children with cancer. Ameria Group’s LA
office is also pleased to join the cause with an auction of an art
piece, generously donated by talented Vahe Berberian.’

The signature for Ameria Group Inc. in America has been the apricot
(the Armenian apple) surrounded with apples, to symbolize that Ameria
Group is in America among many world-class advisory institutions to
serve to more than one million Armenian-Americans as a bridge
connecting the Diaspora to promising business & investment
opportunities in Armenia. Ameria is a unique partnership of the
Diaspora & Armenian Entrepreneurs. Prominent investment banker Ruben
Vardanyan, listed in Fortune Magazine’s `25 Rising Stars’, is the
chair of Ameria’s board. The CEO of a multi-million dollar company
Flagship Ventures and MIT professor, Noubar Afeyan is also Ameria’s
founding board member. Ameria is also a winner of multiple global
financial awards, such as Euromoney and the Banker. It is the only
financial institution in the South Caucasus region recognized as a
Global Growth Champion by the DAVOS World Economic Forum for its
exceptional growth and expertise.

For additional information call: 818 646 1111.