2012 is not considered as a year of achievements for Turkey

2012 is not considered as a year of achievements for Turkey.
anti-Armenian hysterias and threat of `Big Kurdistan’

11:20, 29 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 29, ARMENPRESS: With its external and internal
policies of 2012 Turkey once again failed to be included in the numder
of world leading countries. Armenrpess concludes the most important
events in Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy platforms.

As French Senate accepted the bill on criminalization of Armenian
Genocide denial on January 2012, Turkish politicians and journalists
reacted hysterically to this event. They continue speaking about
sanctions by Turkey, which experts do not consider serious. The law
was surrounded by Turkish threats and aggressive declarations.
Therefore, after the law was considered to be unconstitutional by
French Constitutional Council Turkey started to speak about `the new
page for French-Turkish relations’.

In March 2012 Turkey appeared in another hilarious situation this time
related to the symbol of Turkish lira. Central Bank of Turkey
publicized the new symbol of that country’s currency – lira, the
symbol of resembles that of the Armenian dram and appears to be its
inversed version. Of course the negative response of political
figures, economists, artists assured that the symbol was the initials
of Erdogan.

Continuous vandalism against Armenian historical and cultural
monuments was also not the best characteristic of Turkey. Despite a
progress in the return of property to minorities Turkey keeps to
destroy and disrespect Armenian churches and monument.

Turkey has numerously been condemned by international community for
the violation of freedom of speech and human rights abuses. The
absence of basic freedom caused a number of arrested journalists
leaving China and Iran behind. Different international organizations
and dailies have refereed to above-mentioned problem calling Turkey
`world’s biggest prison for journalists.

`Big Kurdistan’ remains to be a global issue for Turkey.
Turkish-Kurdish clashes have especially strained during 2012. During
last 12 months Kurdistan Workers’ Party has initiated more than 1000
military actions in Kurdish populated regions casing the death of
thousands of people.

Turkish war against Syria

Turkey’s Parliament authorized military operations against Syria and
its military fired on targets there for a second day after deadly
shelling from Syria killed five civilians in a Turkish border town.
For its part, Syria admitted it was responsible for the shelling that
killed five people in Turkey and formally apologized for the deaths, a
top Turkish official said. For its security Turkey requested from NATO
`Patriot’ missiles for their `security’.