Missiles Did Not Cause Casualties In Armenian-Populated Kessab


14:47, 27 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. Missiles fell in Armenian-populated
Kessab near the Turkish frontier and caused fear and trembling among
the population. “Armenpress” reports about this citing the facebook
profile of the Armenians from Aleppo. Our compatriots from Kessab
stated that fortunately the missiles did not reach their target
and fell on a mountain. Also it was stated in the profile that the
Armenian Evangelical Community of Syria has unanimously chosen Rev.

Harutyun Selimyan as its leader. Regarding the situation in Aleppo
the Press Secretary of the Armenian National Prelacy in Aleppo Jirair
Reisian informed “Armenpress” that the situation in Aleppo is not
satisfactory, but it also did not become worse. The difficulties
remain the same, fuel became more expansive, situation in the
central districts is calm, but one can still hear shooting from
distant regions.

In addition Jirair Reisian noted that classes in the reopened Armenian
schools continue. The classrooms have been adapted to the present

The Armenian National Prelacy in Aleppo issued a letter of gratitude
to the Chairmen of the Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan for
granting aid of USD 100,000 to the Syrian-Armenians. This amount
must be distributed to the needy Armenians of Aleppo, Damascus,
and other cities.