Why ARFD Didn’t Boycott


Story from Lragir.am News:

15:44 26/12/2012

Though the ARF does not nominate anyone for president, it will not
keep away from the electoral processes. On the contrary, it will make
sure that the candidates take into account the public opinion on the
seven points of the ARF program. MP Armen Rustamyan, ARF, said they
will actively participate in the election processes.

According to him, this election will serve its aim only in case people
are convinced that something will change. To achieve this purpose,
it was necessary to unite the opposition, which, unfortunately,
did not happen.

The secretary of the ARF parliamentary group Aghvan Vardanyan said
that boycott would be meaningful only if the other forces joined
it which is not realistic. He said that they could not defame the
electoral mechanism of Armenia with their boycott.

Member of the ARF Supreme Council Arsen Hambardzumyan underlined
that one must run for president if there are chances to win, while
the split opposition makes it unreal to defeat the incumbent president.

The ARF does not rule out supporting any of the presidential candidates
except Serzh Sargsyan.

Aghvan Vardanyan says during the election campaign they will guide
their supporters in their choice.