Netanyahu Holds Secret Meeting With Jordan’s King On Syria


26-12-2012 – 19:36

Zionist Entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a secret
meeting in Jordan with King Abdullah II, the London-based Al-Quds
Al-Arabi daily reported on Wednesday.

The paper, without specifying when the meeting took place, only said
it was “kept a secret.”

According to the report, which has yet to be confirmed by Zionist
officials, the meeting focused on the possibility that Syrian President
Bashar Assad would use chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict raging
in Syria.

The newspaper quoted a Jordanian official as saying that the reason
for the secrecy is that “Israel’s presence in any official, regional
or international meeting meant to change the balance of power in Syria,
actually hinders such brainstorming.”

The report further said that the Zionist entity is trying to promote
“an unpopular scenario” of a surprise offensive on Assad’s arsenal
of chemical weapons, in order to destroy it.

According to the Zionist daily Haaretz, Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg
reported in The Atlantic earlier this month that the entity of
occupation has asked Jordan twice in the last two months for a
green light to attack chemical weapons facilities in Syria, but the
Jordanians responded negatively to the request and refused to grant
their approval.

When contacted, the Netanyahu’s office refused to comment on the

Goldberg added, however, that Netanyahu has already sent
representatives of the Mossad intelligence agency to Amman twice,
to coordinate the matter with the Jordanians and receive their
“permission” for the operation.

Source: Newspapers