Nagorno-Karabakh Is Attracting More And More Tourists


December 26, 2012

Gandzasar monastery, a place of national heritage, is the most
visited sites of Azerbaijan – Nina Stossinger / Flickr / CC In 2012,
Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenian separatist enclave, independent de facto
since the cease-fire in 1994) attracted 15,000 visitors, 40% more
than in 2011. According to the Russian site on the Caucasus Kavkazski
Ouzel , this success is due to “active advertising of the region
in international exhibitions, as well as brochures on the region in
several languages and on the Internet site.” Among the most visited
monuments include the monasteries of Gandzasar, and Amaraz Dadivank
and Archaeological Remains of the Armenian town of Tigranakert. In
addition, the origin of tourists is diverse: they come from Europe,
the United States, Israel, Russia, Singapore, Latin America and
Australia.People who visit Nagorno-Karabakh without the permission
of Baku is considered persona non grata in Azerbaijan karabakhie
administration accepts the demand of tourists, not to mention passing
on their passports in the enclave.