Monument Expert: We Have Losses, There Is Little Care About Monument


There are monuments in Armenia which are in a bad condition, Makaravank
situated next Pemzashen in that number. The Monuments this year have
neither been reconstructed nor affirmed, said Samvel Karapetyan, expert
in monuments, head of the Research on Armenian Architecture Fund.

“The dome of Makaravank has been destructed. It needed to be at list
affirmed, if it was impossible to reconstruct. We should help such
monuments to survive, till we have the possibility to reconstruct
them. But there is not enough care about them, and we have losses,”
the expert said.

As for the monuments that are being reconstructed and the complaints
that there are deviation and the construction work has no quality S.

Karapetyan gave the example of Haghartsin monastery and noted that the
reconstruction here is with high quality. He added that different parts
of the monastery are being reconstructed by different groups of workers
and it is possible that one group may do good work the other not.

He touched upon the monuments that are out of Armenia and are situated
in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and said that none of the 8 Armenian
churches in Agulis exists today. “All the pictures and information
speak about the fact that Armenian churches are being distorted,”
mentioned he with sorrow.

The monuments that are located in West Armenia are being reconstructed
by the support of Turkish authorities. They are mainly consternated on
the monuments in Ani. He mentioned that there will be only few Armenian
churches in Turkey which will survive in Turkey, these however have
been preserved for political reasons. S. Karapetyan also noticed that
no Armenian churches have been reconstructed in Georgia this year too.