Iranian Plays To Be Released In Armenia


26 Dec 2012 16:10

Backed by the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran

Behzad Sedeghi, an official of Iranian Theatre Forum, announced that
12 Armenian plays will be released in Persian while the translation
of Iranian works is on the agenda as well.

IBNA: According to the public relations department of the Iranian
Theatre Forum, the spokesman and the deputy of the board of directors
of the Forum’s playwrights’ center said: “Supported by the director
of the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran, Qader Ashena, a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) will soon be signed between the Dramatic Arts
Center and the Forum’s playwrights’ center.”

Following the activities of the international section and a MoU which
was signed with the Writers’ Union of Armenia, Forum’s playwrights’
center has decided to release 12 Armenian plays, which will be
translated by Andranik Khechoumian, and publish Iranian plays into
Armenia, he added.

Currently “Wall” by Alireza Naderi and “A romantic narrative of a
death in Ordibehesht” by Mohammad Charmshir have been rendered into
Armenian which are supposed to be staged in Armenia as well.