International Recognition Of Nkr The Basic Goal Of The Karabakh Dipl


10:18 27.12.2012

According to NKR Fo reign Minister Karen Mirzoyan, the most important
political event of the year was the July 19 presidential election
representing an important stage in the state-building process and
confirming the steadfast democratic development of the Republic,
which was also noted by the international observation missions.

Speaking of the Karabakh conflict settlement process at a press
conference in Stepanakert, the Minister regretfully stated the lack of
sufficient progress, mainly due to the destructive position of official
Baku actually driving the negotiation process into a deadlock. In
this context, Mr. Mirzoyan noted the pardon and glorification of the
Azerbaijani insidious killer, Ramil Safarov.

The Minister called the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict settlement
through peaceful negotiations and the achievement of the international
recognition of the NKR the basic goal of the Karabakh diplomacy.

Mr. Mirzoyan gave comprehensive answers to various questions of
the journalists related, in particular, to the current stage of the
Karabakh conflict settlement process and the impact that the global and
regional processes have on it, to the activities of the NKR Missions
to foreign states, to various humanitarian issues arisen as a result
of the military aggression of Azerbaijan against the NKR.

Minister Mirzoyan noted that all the issues within the Karabakh
conflict settlement required a comprehensive and package solution.

In conclusion, the NKR Minister of Foreign Affairs noted the importance
of continued cooperation with the mass media.