Ax Assassination Attempts-Tradition In Azerbaijan


19:48, 26 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS: School teacher in Azerbaijani
Lankaran region attacked his neighbor with an ax. In a result the
neighbor has been hospitalized. Doctors are not able to bring him
out of coma. As reports Armenpress Azerbaijani writes.

Neighbors’ dispute began because of gates. Lankaran’s teacher Emin
Farzullayev, 24, attacked Zaman Kyazimov, 35, in front of children.

Bleeding Kyazimov was hospitalized by other neighbors, now he is in
coma in Baku Clinical Hospital. Emin Farzullayev has been arrested.

Ax assassination attempts in Azerbaijan appear often and often. About
35 women have been hacked to death in Azerbaijan during this year.