Jivan Gasparyan’s Music To Sound In Hollywood Movie


09:41, 26 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The current year was full of
achievements for renowned Armenian duduk-player Jivan Gasparyan. The
master of duduk has authored a soundtrack for Hollywood movie “End
of the World”. In a conversation with “Armenpress” Jivan Gasparyan
stated that it has already been three years since the making of the
movie launched and it will continue in 2013. The movie has a rather
big budget.

Jivan Gasparyan stated: “It has not been clarified yet when the making
of the movie will finish. I suppose this and other details regarding
the movie will be clarified next year.” Hollywood producers turn to
Jivan Gasparyan to take care about the music of their films rather
frequently. He has authored music for more than 40 foreign movies,
including “the Russia House”, “Eugene Onegin”, “Doctor Zhivago”,
“Gladiator” and many others.

The legendary musician used to say that the producers want him to
sound the music that he himself feels.

Advancing New Year and Merry Christmas Jivan Gasparyan wished the
Armenian people peace and success.