New Year Is Approaching, And So Are The Expenses


Monday, 24 December 2012 16:55

“Toy prices are rather high, I prefer to decorate our Christmas tree
with our old ones. The 10.000 drams I have saved is intended for the
purchase of New Year presents,” says Mrs. Darina from Stepanakert
who was doing Christmas shopping like many other citizens.

Christmas shopping is in its full swing in the shops and trade centers
of Stepanakert, everybody hurries to buy Christmas presents, toys
and garlands for decoration.

“Christmas toy prices have hardly changed as compared to the previous
year, while garland prices amount to 300 to 500 drams instead of the
previous year’s 550 to 800 drams on average,” says the saleswoman of
one of the shops in Azatamartikneri street.

This year the Christmas tree prices vary greatly, in shops Christmas
trees are sold at the price of 1500 to 45 thousand drams. Christmas
toys cost 400 to 500 drams on average, the balloons amount to 50 to
100 drams. There are such citizens as Mrs. Gayane who prefer to spare
no expense to festively decorate the house. I bought Christmas toys and
garlands at an amount of 10 thousand drams, they are the main things to
decorate the house and remind of the coming of New Year, aren’t they?”

Some citizens are ready to spend 30 thousand drams buying Christmas
presents while the others no more than 5 to 10 thousand drams. But
most of our interlocutors agree that the current prices are too high
and unaffordable for everybody.

I wish all our compatriots were able to celebrate New Year’s Eve
even if half the way they want to, but unfortunately most people
have to incur debts to get prepared for New Year celebrations,”
Mrs Victoria says.

Tatevik Khachatryan

From: Baghdasarian