Bagratyan Should Have Waited For Ter-Petrosyan’s Decision – Oppositi


A lawmaker of the opposition Armenian National Congress, Lyudmila
Sargsyan, thinks the first president’s decision not to join the
upcoming campaign was influenced by ex-PM Hrant Bagratyan’s recent
statement on running participating in the election.

According to her, Bagratyan should have waited for Levon
Ter-Petrosyan’s final decision before declaring his plan.

“I have an understanding approach to, and a great respect for, Levon
Ter-Petrosyan’s decision, and I regret there were no pre-requisites
for his nomination. Moreover, there was a less likelihood to expect a
fair campaign, especially considering that the current developments on
the political arena were not favorable for Ter-Petrosyan’s nomination.

We thought, however, that he would likely find a way to enable us to
join an active campaign and throw down the gauntlet to the incumbent
regime. But that way did not probably exist,” she said, when asked
to comment on the ex-president’s decision.

But Sargsyan added she has no idea which candidate the opposition
alliance will back in the upcoming polls or whether it will decide
not to express any support to Bagratyan.

“It is still too early to express an opinion over such issues as
we haven’t had a meeting yet. So we have to discuss the existing
situation, and I think we will have a common approach. I am hopeful
both the team and the wide circle of co-thinkers will take an
understanding approach to such a decision because for me Ter-Petrosyan
is and continues to remain a state leader and a very descent person
regardless of anything.”

Bagratyan declared his intention to run for president at a Monday
ad hoc congress of his Freedom party (which is affiliated with the
opposition alliance).

Asked whether Ter-Petrosyan’s co-thinkers will justify his decision,
Sargsyan said, “I am more than sure that the shock is certain to last
a couple of days, raising the degree of the people’s disappointment.

But we are hopeful – as he himself says – that new leaders will be
born not to leave our political arena empty because Ter-Petrosyan’s
non-nomination does really create a new political situation.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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