What made the Turk cross the RA border?

What made the Turk cross the RA border?
Sat, 12/22/2012 – 21:49

A trial in the light of a state border-crossing in the Court of
General Jurisdiction of Armavir region is taking place under the
presidency of judge Artur Adamyan. The defendant is the citizen of
Turkey from the town of Aydın, Ramazan Ulama Kadir oglu, born in 1976.
He was brought in an indictment on the grounds of article 329 section
1 of the RA Criminal Code, arrest was chosen as a preventive measure
against him.

According to the accusation hypothesis, Ramazan Ulama Kadir oglu being
on the territory of Turkey on August 26, 2012 came to the town Igdir
on the border with the RA with the intention to illegally cross the
border. Afterwards he went to the bordering settlement on taxi, from
where crossed the river Araqs on foot and without proper documents and
permission crossed the state border of the RA around 18:20 the same
day by the administrative area of Arazap community of Armavir region,
along the 13th frontier outpost and entered the territory of the RA.
He was immediately revealed and arrested by the frontier outpost

Ramazan Ulama Kadir oglu is accused of crossing the RA state border
without proper documents and permission, which is a criminal action.