The Best Cultural Community of the Republic is Brajur

The Best Cultural Community of the Republic is Brajur

Saturday, 22 December 2012 14:39

`The Cultural Crossroads’ initiated by the NKR Ministry of Culture and
Youth Affairs is already in the past and the prize-winners became
known during the gala concert which took place at the culture palace
of Stepanakert on December 18.

It must be noted that on December 17 the communities of Nakhijevanik
and Noragyugh, Askeran region, Arajadzor, Martakert region, and Nor
Brajur, Qarvajar region, tried their cultural abilities in the final

By the estimation of the jury the community of Nor Brajur won the
first place, Noragyugh took the second and Nakhijevanik the third
places and they were awarded respectively 500, 300 and 200 thousand
drams and diplomas by the Ministry.

The studios presented by Askeran and Shoushi were recognized the best.
It must be mentioned that apart from their performances the
communities should have presented their region with studios depicting
their villages. Besides the prize-winning places there were also
private prizes in such nominations as `Best acting technique’,
`Artsakh humour’, `Best declamation’ and so on. Apart from the
prizewinner communities the others were also awarded diplomas and
expensive presents.