Tehran: Iran speaker congratulates Christians on Jesus Christ birth

Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran
Dec 23 2012

Iran speaker congratulates Christians on Jesus Christ birth anniversary

Tehran, 23 December: Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in a message
congratulated all world Christians and his Armenian countrymen on the
birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and the onset of the new Christian

According to a report by Majlis’ News and Mass Media Bureau, he in the
message congratulated the Iranian nation and all Christians across the
world on the auspicious birth anniversary of the great prophet of
justice and spirituality.

Recalling that the world face great challenges concurrent with the
Christ’s birth anniversary, Larijani added that the challenges mainly
pertain to tyrannies of arrogate powers.

He also described sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation as another
example of the US and West’s adventurous behaviour.

The current global conditions reveal that today the world is more in
need of the Christ’s message of monotheism, spirituality and justice.
Unfortunately, the today’s materialistic world has distanced itself
from the message of the prophet.

He further noted that the birth anniversary serves as suitable
opportunity for revising the hostile attitudes in the international

The Majlis Speaker also wished the Iranian Armenians and all
Christians a happy and successful year.