Arthur Baghdasaryan – author of `the most impressive’ betrayal – Pas

Arthur Baghdasaryan – author of `the most impressive’ betrayal, Nikol
Pashinyan says
16:40 – 23.12.12

Armenian National Congress (ANC) MP Nikol Pashinyan has referred in
his official website to the positive words the Rule of Law party
leader, National Security Council secretary Arthur Baghdasaryan said
in his address at the party’s 11th congress yesterday.

`I clearly understand that NSC Secretary has a 20-year-long experience
of making a career through dedicating dithyrambs to different
political figures but this time he has made a strict mistake in his
calculations. During my political activity I have never been guided
and will never be guided by considering those dedicating me dithyrambs
as friends, and those criticizing me as enemies.

And though Arthur Baghdasaryan called me an `honest politician’ I
cannot say anything good about a person who has always acted under the
roof of the authorities who are rigging elections. Arthur Baghdasaryan
is one of those direct responsible for March 1, 2008 and will stay in
Armenia’s history as the author of `the most impressive’ betrayal.