Excavations Spring Controversy Over St. Philip’s Fountain In Jerusal


09:48, 20 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 19, ARMENPRESS. In St. Philip’s Fountain
estate, which is situated in Jerusalem and belongs to the Armenian
Patriarchate of Jerusalem, archeological excavations started without
any permission. The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem informed
“Armenpress” that it has been already two centuries since St. Philip’s
Fountain, which springs natural water, belongs to the Armenian
Patriarchy of Jerusalem. “The Acts of the Apostles” writes about St.

Philip’s Fountain, telling about the baptism of an Ethiopian eunuch
by St. Philip the Apostle. There is a small number of fountains of
natural water and St. Philip’s Fountain is one of them.

The Armenian side accompanied by its lawyer had a meeting with the
representatives of the Jerusalem Municipality and suggested to wall
in that part of the Armenian territory.

The Armenian Community of Jerusalem exists since the times of Tigranes
the Great. Over centuries the Armenians have created a number of
religious, scientific and cultural treasures including real estate
belonging to the Armenians.