Europe Warning Armenia Against Asking For Funds – Opposition Rep


At his meeting with journalists on Thursday, Styopa Safaryan, a
member of the Heritage party, said that the meeting with the cabinet
to discuss a crackdown on corruption Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan
held a few months ago was intended to show something to Europe.

Europe makes Armenia understand that Armenia’s authorities should
control their own budget instead of turning to Europe for funds.

“They said: ‘What is the point of giving you money if you are wasting
your own funds.’ That all was a mere show. That is why we are not
seeing any results now,” Mr Safaryan said.

The president’s meeting with the cabinet, when the problem of
“kickbacks” was raised, was nothing but an election gimmick.

“That was not done because they ‘believed and changed’ after the
parliamentary elections. We have not actually seen any changes. That
was also a way of preserving power monolith,” Mr Safaryan said.

“The president’s statements at the meetings carried the following
implication: should you leave the system, you will be severely
punished. That was a threat intended for potential ‘fugitives,”
Mr Safaryan said.

No one has been held responsible for money-laundering since the
meetings were held.

From: Baghdasarian

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