Current Year 320 Natural Firs Have Been Imported From Germany Into A


10:18, 20 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS: The cutting and selling of firs and
pine trees is prohibited in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The firs and pine trees on sale in the Republic are imported from
Germany. Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia
gives permission for each and every imported tree.

Bioresearches Management Agency of the Ministry of Nature Protection
informed Armenpress, 260 pieces of hooky type and 60 pieces of silver
Caucasian type firs have been imported from the Federal Republic of
Germany this year. Whereas 150 hooky type firs have been imported
from Germany in 2011. On New Year’s Eve pine trees cutting cases are
usually recorded. Ruben Petrosyan, chief forester of Armenia stated
in the briefing with Armenpress, current year no trees cutting cases
have been registered in the threshold of New Year in the areas under
the subjection of “Hayantar” SNCO.

In the words of the interlocutor current year no fir cutting cases have
been recorded throughout the year. The control has been restricted. To
the reporter’s question how much will the violator be fined Petrosyan
was quoted as saying. The amount of the fine depends on the diameter,
as well as whether the fir is natural or artificial.The fine stipulated
for fir cutting is tripled in case of natural firs.